Inferno214221 / Software Development

Current Project(s)

CMC Mod Manager

Electron Node.js React TypeScript CSS GNU GPLv3 CMC Mod Manager is an Electron application for managing mods for Super Smash Bros Crusade CMC+.


Electron Node.js HTML, CSS & JavaScript GNU GPLv3 Markright is an open source Markdown editor made with electon. It aims to include the best features from several other Markdown editors.

Previous Project(s)

Combusted Pixel Dungeon

Java GNU GPLv3 Combusted Pixel Dungeon is a fork of the procedurally generated rougelike game Shattered Pixel Dungeon.


Text Snatch

Bash GNU GPLv3 Text Snatch is a bash script that uses scrot and tesseract to copy text from a screenshot to the clipboard.


My GitHub contributions overlayed with the snake game